When you have provided us with the flight number at the time of the booking, we will be aware of this cancellation and therefore will cancel the booking. Should you need to make an alternative booking for a different date or time, you can do so via our website or mobile app or by telephone. It is the customer’s responsibility to let us know that their flight is cancelled and no longer require a vehicle. Please cancel your booking via the mobile app, on our website or via telephone.

When you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking, we will track the flight landing time and adjust your pickup time accordingly.

Providing your flight number at the time of booking allows us to monitor your flight and alter the collection time accordingly to ensure that we meet you when your flight arrives and avoid unnecessary waiting time charges. If you wish to add a delay time in addition to your grace period, this can be arranged at the time of booking.

Your driver will meet you at Arrivals with a Dash Cars name board at Heathrow & Gatwick Airports only. For London Stansted & London Luton Airports the driver will meet you in the drop off/pick up point which is signposted in the terminal.

We will ask for your flight number at the time of booking and will track flight arrival times. Where possible we will adjust your driver’s arrival at the airport accordingly to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Drop off fees are applicable at all airports. When collecting from an airport your driver will be charged a parking fee when exiting the airport and as this charge cannot be predetermined, we apply this charge after the booking has been completed.

Within your booking quote, a grace period of 30 minutes is offered for all flights before waiting time is accrued. You can add a delay time to your booking if you feel that you need more time. After this period, you will be liable to pay a waiting time fee from the 31st minute
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Passenger Terms and Conditions can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

This depends on the size of the vehicle and how many passengers are travelling. Find out more here.

In order to receive SMS updates on your booking from us, such as your driver details, status of collection and any meeting points, we do recommend a mobile number is provided when making a booking.

All of our journey times are estimates only, so please allow extra time should you need it.

You can cancel a booking on our website or mobile app by clicking on your upcoming journey and selecting ‘cancel’ or follow the link on your booking confirmation email and this will allow you to cancel the booking. If you have booked via telephone you will need to call us to cancel.

Yes, you can add their details at the time of booking in the Passenger Details section in the app or on the website.

No we do not accept booking with no destination.

Depending on availability we can offer ‘As Directed’ services, which allow you to keep a driver for a specified period of time and direct them to each destination. The driver must make more than three stops (otherwise the price will be calculated using the pick-up and drop-off points). Minimum time permitted is one hour, and the customer must inform the driver of the route when on board. The cost of the journey will be calculated on the meter and no fixed fare will be given for this service.

We know that plans change, our cancellation charges are listed below: 
Booking type Has a driver been allocated? Time Cancellation charges 
ASAP and Pre-Booked A driver has not been allocated to the passenger booking Pre-allocation No charge 
ASAP A driver has been allocated to the passenger booking and the arrival time is after the quoted estimated time of arrival. Greater than 10 minutes  No charge 
10 minutes or less Up to 100% of the Charges 
Pre-Booked A driver has been allocated to the booking and the arrival time is after the pre-booked time. Greater than 10 minutes No charge 
10 minutes or less Up to 100% of the Charges 

Which pet can travel with me? We only accept a Passenger Services Booking for a domestic animal, such as a dog, cat or bird. You must not use our pet service and/or any other Passenger Services for the carriage of livestock. All pets must be secured either in an appropriate locked box or cage, or otherwise appropriately restrained.

How can I request a Pet Service?

You can book this service by selecting Pet Service when you choose your vehicle as you book on the appweb or phone.
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You can find details of our privacy policy here. If you need to contact us about your data please email enquiries@dashtaxi.cab

If you would like to make a complaint, please fill in our contact form here and one of our team will get back to you 

You can submit a query via our contact form or contact us via our live chat on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01440 712712, our phone lines are open Sunday - Thursday 05:00am - 02:00am & 24/7 Friday & Saturday 24/7.
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You need a valid UK driving licence and a taxi licence issued by either West Suffolk Council or South Cambridgeshire Council. When you come in to visit our team, you will also need to show proof of address. Please get in touch with our team on drivers@dashtaxi.cab or call to book your interview

Yes, at present we do not have any company vehicles for hire.

Dash drivers are completely flexible. Work the hours that suit you best. There are periods during the week where we are busier and encourage drivers to work these hours. During the week, we are particularly busy during the early morning and evening periods and at weekends we are very busy later in the evening. 

Yes. All Dash Cars drivers are self-employed and responsible for their own tax and national insurance. 

Any jobs that are cash you would receive the money directly from the customer. Any job that is from an account customer will be paid monthly.

Experience with private hire driver jobs is not necessary, but a good working knowledge of Haverhill & the surrounding areas is a bonus. You will need to apply for a West Suffolk or South Cambridgeshire private hire driver license.

If you are interested in becoming an Dash Cars driver you can find out more here or get in touch with our driver recruitment team at drivers@dashtaxi.cab.
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This can happen if your if your final fare is greater than the initial authorisation amount. For example, due to wait time or if your ride is on a meter and you were stuck in traffic. If a second authorisation hold for the final full amount is unsuccessful, your bill may be split into two receipts. If you have any queries about your payments, please use our contact form.

When you book your ride, we give you an estimated fare. Your actual fare is charged once you have completed your ride. The actual fare may differ from the estimated fare due to wait time and or extras which we try to accommodate within the pre-authorisation. Please check your card or bank statement again in the coming days to see the final amount charged. If you have any queries about your payments, please use our website contact form.

We pre-authorise your payment to ensure that customers have a valid payment method and sufficient funds available when requesting a ride. This helps us to ensure we can pay the Driver-partner for the service they provide. This is common practice on all ride-hailing apps.

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds on your bank account or card. This is used to ensure that the payment method is valid, and that there are sufficient funds available to pay for your ride. The pre-authorisation is not a charge, but a temporary hold, meaning that the funds held will be released after a short period of time. Please note, the hold of funds is with your bank or card provider, not Dash.

No, we do not accept PayPal.

Taxi services, are priced using a meter and are subject to West Suffolk Council pricing tariffs.

For airports and long distance journey's operate a fixed postcode to postcode pricing structure. This is based on a booking fee and a distance-based unit rate taken from our database.

Off-peak pricing is the cost of your journey in an off-peak period and applies to the following times: 
Monday - Sunday00:00 – 05:59  
UK Bank Holidays00:00 – 23:59

The actual charge for the fare will take place after you complete your trip (unless the trip takes place outside our operating area), we then at our discretion can take the payment upfront before a driver is allocated the job. If you change payment method during your trip, the 'pending' charge will still remain until released by your bank. We recommend contacting your bank if you have any questions.

As well as booking on account, you can pay using credit or debit card, ApplePay or Google Pay.

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If you think you have lost an item in one of our vehicles, we will use reasonable efforts to locate the item and, if found, securely store the property for 1 month. You can contact us by sending an email to enquiries@dashtaxi.cab and one of our team will be happy to help. If we are unable to return your property after 1 month, we will securely dispose of the item.  

You will receive an SMS message or app notification to confirm your driver’s arrival. This will include a link to track their exact position. Please make sure notifications are permitted from the Dash Cars App.

Once a driver has been allocated to your booking, you will be sent an SMS message with your driver’s details, including their make, model & registration of the vehicle.

  • For non-airport journeys, a grace period of five minutes is offered. The driver will record this as a no show if you are not in the vehicle 5 minutes after you have received the notification that your vehicle is outside. This is done so we remain on time for all our customers. For ASAP bookings, your five minutes starts from the time the vehicle arrives. For pre-bookings, the time starts from the booked journey time. 
  •  For airport journeys, a grace period of 30 minutes is offered for all flights before waiting time is accrued. After this period, you will be liable to pay a waiting time fee from the 31st minute for all flights. For additional waiting time charges, see our Terms and Conditions.

You are not required to tip your driver although any tip is greatly appreciated. This can be done by cash or within the App.

Shortly before the journey time we will send you an SMS message with your driver’s details, including their make, model & registration of the vehicle. If you have booked via our app then you will be able to track all stages of the booking through the app.

You can track your driver in our mobile app or from the link in the SMS message sent to you when your driver is on their way. You can also call us and we can put you through to the driver if necessary. 

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