Airport (7)

When you have provided us with the flight number at the time of the booking, we will be aware of this cancellation and therefore will cancel the booking. Should you need to make an alternative booking for a different date or time, you can do so via our website or mobile app or by telephone. It is the customer’s responsibility to let us know that their flight is cancelled and no longer require a vehicle. Please cancel your booking via the mobile app, on our website or via telephone.

When you provide us with your flight number at the time of booking, we will track the flight landing time and adjust your pickup time accordingly.

Providing your flight number at the time of booking allows us to monitor your flight and alter the collection time accordingly to ensure that we meet you when your flight arrives and avoid unnecessary waiting time charges. If you wish to add a delay time in addition to your grace period, this can be arranged at the time of booking.

Your driver will meet you at Arrivals with a Dash Cars name board at Heathrow & Gatwick Airports only. For London Stansted & London Luton Airports the driver will meet you in the drop off/pick up point which is signposted in the terminal.

We will ask for your flight number at the time of booking and will track flight arrival times. Where possible we will adjust your driver’s arrival at the airport accordingly to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Drop off fees are applicable at all airports. When collecting from an airport your driver will be charged a parking fee when exiting the airport and as this charge cannot be predetermined, we apply this charge after the booking has been completed.

Within your booking quote, a grace period of 30 minutes is offered for all flights before waiting time is accrued. You can add a delay time to your booking if you feel that you need more time. After this period, you will be liable to pay a waiting time fee from the 31st minute
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