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Passenger Terms and Conditions can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

This depends on the size of the vehicle and how many passengers are travelling. Find out more here.

In order to receive SMS updates on your booking from us, such as your driver details, status of collection and any meeting points, we do recommend a mobile number is provided when making a booking.

All of our journey times are estimates only, so please allow extra time should you need it.

You can cancel a booking on our website or mobile app by clicking on your upcoming journey and selecting ‘cancel’ or follow the link on your booking confirmation email and this will allow you to cancel the booking. If you have booked via telephone you will need to call us to cancel.

Yes, you can add their details at the time of booking in the Passenger Details section in the app or on the website.

No we do not accept booking with no destination.

Depending on availability we can offer ‘As Directed’ services, which allow you to keep a driver for a specified period of time and direct them to each destination. The driver must make more than three stops (otherwise the price will be calculated using the pick-up and drop-off points). Minimum time permitted is one hour, and the customer must inform the driver of the route when on board. The cost of the journey will be calculated on the meter and no fixed fare will be given for this service.

We know that plans change, our cancellation charges are listed below: 
Booking type Has a driver been allocated? Time Cancellation charges 
ASAP and Pre-Booked A driver has not been allocated to the passenger booking Pre-allocation No charge 
ASAP A driver has been allocated to the passenger booking and the arrival time is after the quoted estimated time of arrival. Greater than 10 minutes  No charge 
10 minutes or less Up to 100% of the Charges 
Pre-Booked A driver has been allocated to the booking and the arrival time is after the pre-booked time. Greater than 10 minutes No charge 
10 minutes or less Up to 100% of the Charges 

Which pet can travel with me? We only accept a Passenger Services Booking for a domestic animal, such as a dog, cat or bird. You must not use our pet service and/or any other Passenger Services for the carriage of livestock. All pets must be secured either in an appropriate locked box or cage, or otherwise appropriately restrained.

How can I request a Pet Service?

You can book this service by selecting Pet Service when you choose your vehicle as you book on the appweb or phone.
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